Nested Suites

Just like your favourite test framework, Testdeck supports nested suites.

import { suite, test } from '@testdeck/jasmine';

describe('a suite', function() {

  describe('nested suite', function () {

    class DeeplyNestedSuite {

      failingTest() {

        throw new Error('not implemented yet');

The Power of Nesting

Nesting gives you the power of dynamically generating suites from, say, test fixtures.

Suite Inheritance

And while nesting is a powerful mechanism, we want to point out that there is also inheritance.

With Testdeck you can define (abstract) base classes from which your concrete test suites will inherit from, regardless of the language used for implementing such tests. And given other mechanisms such as mixins, you are free to make your test suites work as you need them to.

See Suite Inheritance.